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Help, I Just Had an Argument About Systemic Racism With a White Co-Worker and Now I'm Hiding at My Desk and Can't Stop Crying

Did she claim to have black friends? Yes.

Did she use ‘not all white people’? Yes.

Did she says she didn’t own slaves? Yes.

Did she say black people are the real racists? Yes.

Did she say “I thought we solved racism when we elected a black president!” Lord, yes.


Did she use the bootstrap argument? Yes.

Did she come back after to apologize? No. But she came to tell me she bought a bunch of black kids on a basketball team with her son shoes and yelled at people at the mall for following them. And that I didn’t know her.


Are you exhausted? Yes.

Go ahead and cry some more then.


Is she threatening to quit? Yes. She’s saying I called her a racist, though I didn’t. I told her that I thought that she was a good person who said some racist things and that I would like to point them out to her so she wouldn’t continue to say those racist things (see above). I had to call her out on her bullshit, which she didn’t expect.


And I forgot the part about where I reminded her about the Irish not being considered white, and that her ancestors were Irish Monkeys.

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