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Blackface Amnesty Day

A One-Time National Holiday

Is this an idea whose time has come? Or am I eating too much fiber and CBDs?

Here’s how it would work:

It would take place during Black History Month, on a day that would go unannounced until the day it happens — in order to keep insane people from getting their Blackfaces out of their system, right? On Blackface Amnesty Day, anyone who ever did Blackface could voluntarily come out of the closet and admit to it without consequence, and be washed clean of their great shame and stupidity.


OK, we could drag them. A bit.

After Blackface Amnesty Day, those who chose not to come out and/or those who choose to continue to commit Blackface — they are most sincerely fucked. Once they have been discovered and outed, there will be no mercy. The rain of shame and hellfire will be upon them. They will lose all there is to lose. They had their chance and squandered it. Pay up, you racist dummies.


Blackface Amnesty Day. One day of national reckoning. A future of no pardons.

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